At CHiQ, Amazon Prime Day Sales Are Measured in Reviews, Not Revenue

The heart of CHiQ’s design philosophy is the end user. We analyze pain points in our users’ lives and create products that address those pain points, allowing CHiQ users to enjoy an easier, more comfortable quality of life. It is for this reason that we take such pride in hearing customer feedback regarding their recent CHiQ purchases.

This past Amazon Prime Day, we offered our products to users around the world for less in an effort to give a little back to the customers who inspire us. We took a look through product reviews and were very happy to see honest feedback from our clientele that specifically mentions the specific design points that they appreciate.



TVs traditionally exist for entertainment—to let the user and their loved ones unwind and relax. Yet with today’s advances in smart technology, they have become an integral part of the smart home ecosystem. This is why CHiQ TVs combine high-end display technology and an Android operating system with native Hands-Free Voice Control support, giving users the ultimate control over their viewing experience. We are very proud that the image quality of our TVs is as well-praised as the operating system that runs them, and we are pleased to see that our clients agree.


A refrigerator not only needs to complement a wide range of kitchen design aesthetics—its interior needs to be spacious enough to hold enough foodstuffs for a family. But, all foods are not created equal, and for this reason we equipped CHiQ fridges with selectable temperature zone control. Being able to set different temperatures in different regions of the fridge ensures that the right food stays at the right temperature, extending freshness and improving food safety for CHiQ fridge owners and their families, which we are excited to see recognized in our refrigerators’ reviews.

Portable Air Conditioner

We designed our Portable Air Conditioner with convenience in mind. As a standalone mobile unit, it needed to be powerful, quiet, and most importantly mobile, allowing users to quickly and quietly control the temperature in whichever room they’re in. This is why we are so pleased to see customer feedback recognizing the wheels on the A/C allowing it to be easily moved throughout

the home, and the convenience of the remote control.


Knowing that our customers are satisfied with their new CHiQ appliances is the acknowledgment we strive for at CHiQ. It is the culmination of our hard work focused on driving our industry forward towards a more helpful, more seamless integration into users’ lives.