The CHiQ G7PF Series TV—Your Home’s Command Center

As technology continues to make exponential leaps and bounds, we are increasingly able to leverage technology to improve our lives. Automation has led to artificial intelligence, and devices that used to have one function nowadays not only fulfil several roles, but can even act as a control hub for other devices. Harnessing the comfort and convince brought about by this breakneck technological innovation is the driving force behind the CHiQ brand. We are therefore proud to announce the G7PF Series TV, combining an immersive television experience with total control over the home with built-in Google Assistant.

The new G7PF line of CHiQ TVs represents the next level of smart entertainment for the brand. A vivid, crisp 4K resolution panel is housed in a razor thin frame, giving viewers a cinema-like viewing experience. Dolby Vision and HDR10 decoding technology are processed through a 64-bit quad core processor, allowing the G7PF to automatically analyse and adjust brightness and contrast object by object on the screen, immersing the viewer in smooth, vibrant colors and stark contrast.


Adding to the G7PF’s immersive experience is the expansive soundstage provided by Dolby Atmos, which adds a vertical dimension to the surround sound that envelopes you in the action. All of this drives a 160W sound system that fills any room with 3D sound. The G7PF’s visual abilities are matched seamlessly by its atmospheric audio output.


Thanks to the G7PF’s native support for the most popular streaming services, you can put the TV’s premium hardware through its paces. The G7PF supports Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+ as well as the Android App Store, so you can watch whatever you love to watch on your favorite streaming platform. 


Besides being the ultimate home entertainment solution, the G7PF is your home’s command center. With Google Assistant built in to the to the G7PF, you can control all of your home’s smart appliances directly through your TV. Whether it’s changing the channel, turning the family room lights off, or planning out your yoga session before tomorrow’s conference call, Google Assistant enables you to make your smart technology work for you, all from one device. What’s more, the G7PF can hear your commands from 10 meters away, so you don’t have to be in front of your TV to get in front of your day planning. 


At CHiQ, our goal is to present to our customers products that work better for them—products that are the answer to the multidimensional requirements of today’s environment. CHiQ products are the nexus of smart technology, value, and a humanistic design focus that integrates the latest innovations in the world into customers’ lives, freeing them up to live +More.