CHiQ Refrigerators: Fresher Food, Healthier Families

The events of the last few years have made it prudent to think about your health and well-being all the more acutely. Proper nutrition, mental and physical well-being, and comfort at home dovetail more closely than they ever have before. For the gym-goers among us, the adage "abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym” now resonates on a new level. But whether you’re chasing a six-pack or just putting one in your fridge, being able to properly store your food is crucial. You and your family’s health and comfort are the reason we put so much thought into the design of CHiQ refrigerators and freezers. 

CHiQ refrigerators are designed with your family in mind. It’s not just about the aesthetics—though they are good-looking appliances. It’s about a CHiQ refrigerator keeping you and your family healthy while remaining an unassuming part of your home. We spared no effort in designing an inverter that keeps the space inside your refrigerator cold while remaining quiet—as low as 39dB, or about the ambient noise of a quiet library. This ensures that your family only has to think about your CHiQ fridge when they want something to eat or drink, and not during your kids’ favorite Saturday morning cartoons.

Designing our inverters to maintain such a low ambient noise level was no small technological feat, as they also need to simultaneously maintain several discrete temperature zones within the fridge. Different types of food—produce especially—require different temperatures to maintain maximum freshness. Thankfully, CHiQ fridges support multiple customizable temperature zones, with air circulation technology that controls humidity throughout the entire interior space of the fridge from corner to corner. This means that your spinach and your strawberries will both stay fresh until you are ready to enjoy them. Fresh food means healthy food, and healthy food means happier eaters.

While the fridge side of a CHiQ unit maintains the freshness of your fruit and vegetables, the freezer side is responsible for keeping your frozen goods, well, frozen. This is not as simple as it may seem, so let’s dip into the science behind frozen preservation just a bit: A solid substance freezes as the water in its cells turn to ice. The slower this process happens, the larger the resulting ice-crystal within the cell becomes. Ice crystals that grow too large can burst the cell structure. This is part of the reason for the occurrence of ‘freezer burn’—when your frozen food has a layer of frost on the outside. All that frost is moisture that is no longer stored inside your food. 

How does this affect your meal? It means a sharp drop in quality, from texture to flavor. This is why we designed our freezer with a ‘Quick Freeze’ button. Pushing this button gets that aforementioned inverter working overtime to quickly drop the temperature inside the freezer to -32C while simultaneously circulating the air inside the freezer. This greatly decreases the time it takes for your food to freeze solid, preventing those large ice crystals from forming and affecting food quality. You can rest assured knowing that your frozen foods will remain fresh and your family happy no matter when you get around to preparing that Sunday family dinner.


As we’ve said before, at CHiQ, our inspiration is you. We make products with features inspired by your life and its joys, challenges, and your loved ones that enrich it. Designing appliances that not only perform their main functions superbly but also go above and beyond to make sure you and your family are happy and healthy is the reason we work hard. Thank you for believing in us, because we believe in you.