Changhong’s High-end Household Appliance Brand CHiQ Enters Singapore Market

CHiQa high-end smart home appliances brand owned by Chinese consumer electronics producer Changhong, made its formal entry into Singapore in November 2021, with the launch of flagship stores on two of the country’s mainstream e-commerce platforms, Shopee and Lazada, enabling the brand to better reach and serve Singaporean consumers.


Ethan Pu, head of CHiQ for Southeast Asia, explained that CHiQ is making its next-generation Android smart TV that features full screen4K ultra-high definition and frameless design, M8T, available on the two e-commerce platforms. With strong competences in television R&D and related technologies, CHiQ has continuously improved the quality of its products while enhancing user experience over the past few years by creating smart household appliances that meet the expectations of consumers through collaborations with numerous name-brand multinational companies, including GoogleNetflix and Dolby


During this year’s Double 11 shopping season, CHiQ recorded impressive growth in TV sales that far exceeded expectations as a result of the launch of a pre-sale via the Shopee flagship store. Notably, Changhong provides next-day-delivery service in Singapore thanks to its in-country warehousing and logistics facilities. In mid-October, CHiQ signed a strategic cooperation agreement covering logistics across the Southeast Asian region with express delivery service provider Best Express. The tie-up facilitates the brand’s achievement of zero-distance communications and high-speed logistics across the region supported by the integration of product loading and delivery functions.


CHiQ is expanding rapidly in European and Southeast Asian countries as well as in Australia by establishing a presence across local mainstream sales channels and e-commerce platforms. Given the continued rise in sales in these markets where its products have gained increasing popularity among local consumers, the brand is planning to launch e-commerce businesses in Malaysia and Vietnam, among other new markets.


Going forward, CHiQ plans to continue improving the quality of its products and services through the synergy of multiple product lines while deepening its commitment to Southeast Asian markets by expanding sales channels, with the aim of delivering a smarter home experience to consumers across the region. 


Founded in 2014, CHiQ has been on a mission to create a better future for all by building a well-known international household appliance brand led by smart home products. The brand’s parent Changhong has become a multinational firm that has established 5 manufacturing facilities and 13 subsidiaries globally, with its products available in more than 150 countries and regions worldwide.