Changhong expands product lineup in South Korea with launch of G7L Series smart TV

Changhong recently announced the launch of CHANGHONG G7L Series smart TVs in South Korea, in a move to deliver to Korean consumers intelligent home appliances in tandem with the convenience that goes along with their use.



G7L is a smart, Android 11 operating system-equipped TV series developed by Changhong. More than 5,000 apps created for the system assure consumers of a more diversified and richer home living experience. In addition, with the support of 2.4G / 5G dual-frequency WiFi, the series boasts a more stable wireless signal and faster transmission speed. Ever more realistic visual effects are a hallmark of the series as a result of the HDR 10 video decoding and Dolby Vision technologies that have been deployed to enhance the brightness and contrast of the picture. By working in concert with dbx-tv acoustic engineers and adopting Dolby Atmos technology, the digital audio signals are intelligently processed to make the sound distinct and to deliver dynamic sound effects as dictated by the content, creating an immersive experience for viewers. The series comes in six sizes - 32”, 40”, 43”, 50”, 55” and 65”, while the bezel-free design maximizes the available screen space.


According to the general manager of Changhongs operations in South Korea, Changhong refrigerators and freezers have been sold on mainstream online channels and in key physical outlets throughout the country. The product lineups have received positive feedback from shoppers. The brand's outstanding sales results in recent years allowed it to receive the export breakthrough award from the President of South Korea. The newly launched G7L smart TV series will go on sale simultaneously through both online and physical mainstream channels.


Changhong entered the Korean market early in 2002 and became heavily engaged in sports marketing in 2015. With the help of media channels, the jump into the sports sector was a significant factor in the subsequent vast expansion of the brand. Changhong is now a well-known brand throughout the country, especially with shoppers, lending to the constant growth of the companys brand image and influence. The launch of G7L smart TV series is expected to further enrich the product lineup.


Looking forward, Changhong fully expects to remain true to its motto of “creating a global famous home appliance brand, building a world leading smart living enterprise”, and plans to do so by continuously expanding product lines, enriching product categories and enhancing product quality and service in the Korean market, while providing Korean consumers with ever more comprehensive smart home appliance products and services.