Welcome to a New Level of Comfort — New CHiQ Washing Machine

Our high-end home appliances Brand CHiQ always aims at making people’s life a little bit easier; less time and energy spent on chores means living +More. Because of this mission, we just released a new product we are sure you are gonna love! The feats of our new washing machine are gonna make your life so much more comfortable.

Among many strengths, such as durability, sturdiness and many others, three are the main advantages that we would like to tell you about today.


A cutting-edge ultra-slim design made with strong high quality materials makes it easy to install and convenient to use even in smaller spaces, as we think that wasting precious space in your house would be pointless, but, through smart engineering, you still get the second best part of it: a very large drum! So you have only “Pros” and not “Cons”, fit on the outside, but big inside!

 This provides you with more than enough space to wash your clothes and overall better washing performance.

Last but not least, it’s energy-saving! Here at CHiQ we care about the environment, and about your wallet too! Saving energy means saving the planet while saving money, plus, this function reduces noise by reducing the vibrations, and ensures better drying for your clothes.

CHiQ is all about that, smart tools that will make your lifestyle more enjoyable by making your home more comfortable, and time for you to relax while our appliances do the job!