CHiQ is a professional information appliance brand, offering a comprehensive range of domestic home Internet consumer electronics, including TV sets, refrigerators, air conditioners, and small home appliances, etc. CHiQ blends innovation and imagination, committing to enhancing the future of home appliances to provide better services to people. Our goal is to create a "human-centered" Home Internet, enabling the realization of the beautiful life people envision.



CHiQ originates from the French word 'CHiC,' which conveys notions of fashion, beauty, and elegance. 'CH' represents China and Changhong, while 'iQ' signifies intelligence. Therefore, 'CHiQ' can be interpreted as 'Smart China, Smart Changhong.'



CHiQ embodies a high-end, fashionable, and personalized brand essence, coupled with a contemporary, technical, and humanistic cultural ethos. It serves as a vital embodiment of Changhong's brand concept, "Make Your Imagination Fly". CHiQ firmly believes that technological innovation doesn't merely offer technology, it aims to actualize and exceed human imagination, unlocking countless possibilities in life and delivering unique, joyful experiences to consumers.



CHiQ is a professional information home appliance brand that continuously innovates technology in response to consumer demand. It has steadily evolved into a leading technology provider, offering cross-platform solutions for smart homes, smart communities, and smart cities, while delivering intelligent, high-end, and stylish products and services to consumers.