CHiQ’s Sponsor of Passion Campaign Brings You Inspiring Stories From Around the World

Passion is the driving force behind greatness. Whether it’s passion for hobbies, for work, or anything else important to a person, having natural talent is a bonus, but perseverance and a little support will always pay off in the long run. It is this principle that guides CHiQ. From the drawing board to the unboxing, we have thought it all through. In every facet of our business, we strive for greatness. 


The key to this passion lies in our people and their support for one another. Whether its a second set of eyes on a proof-of-concept design sketch, a helping hand on the factory floor, or getting an assist at a company football game, at CHiQ, you know that somebody has your back. 


We are inspired by the teamwork we see in football; how each players passion for the game is supported by his or her teammates as they all work towards a common goal. It is this collective passion and support that was the inspiration for our Sponsor of Passion campaign. But while our inspiration came from football, we were curious to see what others are passionate about, and who in their lives helps drive them forward to pursue their passions


We called on CHiQ supporters to share with us the stories of their passions and of those who supported them in attaining their goals. 

Story 1:

Lego L., India



Lego L. shared his inspiring story about his passion for football. His country doesn’t have a governing sports body which presents a great challenge to him realizing his dream: to become a professional football player. But that hasn’t slowed Lego down. He continues to pursue his passion, and when he begins to falter, his father is always there to support him. Despite the challenges ahead of him, Lego keeps his passion in his sights.

Story 2:


Chris, UK



Chris’s passion presented him with challenges from early on. As a male dancer, he dealt with detractors and bullies in his youth. But he never let his passion waver. He followed his heart, and with the undying support of his parents, the pursuit of his passion for dance culminated in him choreographing and starring in his own dance performance, aptly titled “One Man Show”, that he even toured around his country to perform.

Story 3:

Sherrie, Kenya



Sherrie’s passion is a unique mix of upcycling, art, and supporting her community. She takes bottles and buttons and other would-be refuse and does her part for the environment by creating wonderful decorative handcrafts which she sells to help support her growing family. She takes her passion a step further by teaching others in her community how to make these crafts and advises them on setting up their own small businesses, empowering them to support themselves. Sherrie has turned her passion into a business that not only helps the environment as well as her family but also supports others by sharing her passion with them.



We are inspired by the stories of these three intrepid people from all across the world, whose unwavering pursuit of their passions has rewarded them with personal success. At CHiQ, we prize passionate people. People who chase their personal passions tend to put their heart into other aspects of their lives, and this inspires us to pour everything we have into our own passion: creating the best product experiences for our users. 

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